Blessing Filipinos in Israel

As you have no doubt heard, a terrible calamity recently struck the Philippines. The unusually powerful Typhoon Haiyan has killed thousands of people and left many more without homes.

There are about 70,000 Filipinos working in Israel and among them are many who have lost friends or family members in the devastating storm. We at the Bible Society can do very little in the Philippines, but we can try to help the Filipinos living in Israel who are suffering because of this storm. Our idea is to provide them with free Bibles and other books and try to comfort them as much as we can. We've already joined with two local congregations and prayed with various victims. Many of the Filipinos in Israel are not believers and are very hurt and bitter; some have still not heard from their families and are extremely worried. One Filipino woman who was a customer of ours left for the Philippines and just as she arrived home the storm hit and killed all of her family members. We've heard numerous other heartbreaking stories and feel it is essential that we reach out to these people and show them love, especially since they have given so much to the elderly Israelis whom they serve.

This past week we received a lot of phone calls from people asking for help. We've given a large number of Bibles for free but the Bibles and money will soon run out. So, now we appeal to you for help in giving these hurting people a Bible and books of comfort. Each Bible costs around $8.00 and the other books are about $2 apiece. We have additional free materials which we also share with them.

 Please pray for the Filipinos in Israel that they will know they can turn to the Almighty with all of their sorrows.  If you would like to give financially to help us reach the Filipinos in Israel please donate today.  For more details about how you can help please click here.

Thank you and God bless you,

The Bible Society in Israel