Hebrew English Bilingual New Testament

Reading the Bible in Hebrew is a privilege that has become available to people of the Book in this day and age that we live in.  The Old Testament of the Bible follows the ancient Masoretic text, however the New Testament has been translated into Modern Hebrew as a result of the rebirth of the Hebrew language in this past century.

The English - Hebrew Bilingual New Testament produced by the Bible Society in Israel is an excellent Bible tool for anyone who knows Hebrew, from the beginner to the native Hebrew speaker.  The Modern Hebrew script in the New Testament follows the pattern of the Old Testament by including the vowel markers, which makes reading the Hebrew much simpler.   

The English translation of the New Testament is taken from the New American Standard Version (NASB) The English text is side by side with the Hebrew text.

We invite you to buy a copy today and start reading the Hebrew New Testament for yourself.

A great complementary product to this New Testament is the Audio CD of the Modern Hebrew New Testament.  Click here for more details: Hebrew NT Audio

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  • Hebrew English NASB New Testament
  • Hebrew English NASB New Testament
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