Hebrew - Russian Bible (Blue)

Since 1990, more than a million Jews have immigrated from the former Soviet Union to Israel. For many of them Russian is still their preferred language. In addition to that, biblical Hebrew is much harder to understand even for Israelis, let alone for immigrants.

Many of the Russian immigrant believers have assimilated into the local Hebrew-speaking congregations, where the service and messages are in Hebrew. They may understand modern Hebrew well enough to follow the service, but not enough to follow Bible text reading and references.

The purpose of this project is to help the population of Russian immigrants to better interact and better understand the Word of God, while still encouraging and supporting the development of their Hebrew.

A Russian_Hebrew diglot was done in 1991 but used the Synodal translation for the Russian and the Hebrew Delitzsch for the Hebrew. This book is out of production for the last 10 years. Meanwhile, the Russian Bible Society just completed (May 2010) a modern Russian translation of the Bible and the intention is to use this new translation together with the Modern Hebrew Translation which is much more effective for Russian immigrants in Israel.


      Hebrew Old Testament - Masoretic text copyright 2012 - Biblia Hebraica Struttgartensia 

      Hebrew NT - Modern Hebrew copyright 2010 - Bible Society in Israel

      Russian - Contemporary Russian Version copyright 2011 - Bible Society in Russia

Format: Hardcover

Color: Blue

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