Jerusalem Bookstore

Through our central location in Jerusalem, many local Israelis as well as refugees, migrants, and tourists from all over the world can find Bibles in fifty different languages, as well as Christian study materials for the growth of the believing body.

Every day opportunities present themselves for one-on-one evangelism and distributing the Word of God. The hunger for the Word has increased, and more Israelis, as well as migrants and refugees, are coming in to ask questions.

The presence of this store in Israel’s capital is vital. Despite the harsh realities of life here, more and more people look for meaning and hope, and we feel that the time of harvest is coming.

Tel-Aviv Bookstore

The Bible Society bookstore in Tel Aviv is truly a light in a very vebrant city.  Tel Aviv is known for its beaches, its nightlife, and its decadent atmosphere.

The Bible Society in Tel Aviv is centrally located in the midst of this city offering hope and the words of Life through publications and through varying outreaches that focus on those in need in the community.

If you are ever visiting Tel Aviv, please stop in and visit with us.

Bookstore Address:

81 Ben Yehuda St. Tel Aviv, 63435

Telephone: 03 – 524 5283  Fax: 03 – 523 3044  Email:


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