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101 Favorite Stories from the Bible

The temptations and spiritual pressures for the children in our generation are huge. It reflects the spiritual warfare over each and every one of them. They are entrusted into our hands to spiritually nurture them! It is crucial that we have Hebrew Scriptures to guide and equip them so that they too, will be a living testimony to our Lord. We recently finished the translation of a beautiful book called “101 Favorite Stories from the Bible” to be distributed through the land.

With excitement and a thankful heart we announce that the Children’s Hebrew Audio Bible Stories on CD are now available and being distributed! One contains 101 Bible stories from both the Old and New Testaments, and the other has 57 Old Testament stories, in order to reach out to the hearts of the general population of Israel and open a way to further share our faith and the powerful, living message of the Word of God.

This summer we began distributing to the local body of believers in good time for the many summer activities where we can give this CD as a gift to the children. We’ve already had several opportunities to give it to Orthodox Jews who visited our Bible store and heard it playing on our central audio system.

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