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Full Audio of the Hebrew Old & New Testaments

Have you ever thought what the battle between David and Goliath might have actually sounded like? Or what the conversations between Moses and God really were like?

After 4 years of hard work, we finally released the first ever dramatized audio recording of the full Hebrew Bible – both the Old and New Testaments. It is read by over 25 native Hebrew speakers of whom many are professional radio readers, and accompanied with sound effects and music that together bring the Bible to life in this amazing production.

Every word in this production is read and pronounced clearly and accurately as it appears in the Word of God – in the original biblical Hebrew of the Old Testament (except the Aramaic parts which have been translated to Hebrew) and in the Modern

Hebrew New Testament. Each and every word has been scrutinized and sections were rerecorded over and over until we were happy with it.

This audio recording comes on CD and on USB stick. You can order the Old or New Testament separately, or together in one package. You can also order the recording with or without the background music and sound effects.

A young Israeli who just came to faith in Christ came to ask for a Bible. We, of course, were glad to provide her one and told her that she can choose the one she likes.
Since we just finished the production of the complete audio Hebrew Bible, I offered her to listen to some of it. Soon after I played the recording, as she was listening, she started to cry out of joy. When I looked at her to see why she was crying, she said

“You do not understand, you do not understand what is happening, I have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and it is so hard for me to understand by reading, but now I could understand, now I could understand the Word of God. It is so beautiful. Please, I want a copy of that”

she said. We were of course so happy to provide her with a copy. It is just one example of how the audio Bible helps many people, young and old, visually impaired and sick to be blessed through the Word of God and it is such a great encouragement for us.

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