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 Diglot Bibles

God continues to bring the people of Israel to the promised land and we live in a reality of Jews who come from different countries and speak a variety of different languages. The local body of Messiah is also influenced and it is a great blessing and a blessed challenge. There is a need for Bibles that will have the Hebrew text side by side with another language, a mother tongue, to help new immigrants to assimilate in the local body of Messiah and also for cross-cultural outreach.

As the Bible Society continue to equip the growing body of Messiah in the promised land, we enlarged our edition of Hebrew diglot Bibles. First, our new Hebrew-German Bible came right on time for the celebration of the 500 years of the reformation. It is an encouraging resource for Jews with German speaking roots and for German speakers who come to serve here and show their love to the people of Israel. It is also a beautiful image of reconciliation through the Word of God.

Second, French Jews are returning to live in Israel and thousands more are frequently visiting Israel throughout the year. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to reach out to them and bring them the good news of the Word of God. The Hebrew-French Bible has already blessed many in Israel and in France. The latest edition was the Spanish-Hebrew Diglot that is already blessing the Spanish speaking community in Israel and beyond.

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